Parenting for Success

FREE workshop in Spanish

Sundays, September 17-November 12 |6-8 PM


Parent for success with Highly Capable Kids™. This program is dedicated to empowering parents as the primary influencers in their child’s life.

Backed by Evidence

This course has undergone rigorous evaluation and the findings are clear—parents who participate in this program experience a significant increase in their knowledge and skill level regarding the essential building blocks for children’s development.

Proven Impact

The Highly Capable Children course has shown positive results for both parents and their children. Drawing on decades of extensive research on the 40 Developmental Assets by the Search Institute, the program has been independently verified as evidence-based through a third-party evaluation involving 300 parents across three different states.

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In our mission to equip parents in the Hispanic community with the essential tools and skills to raise healthy, supportive, and responsible children we are offering this 9-week transformative course, Highly Capable Kids™.

Classes are taught in Spanish and are completely free. All support materials, including the Student Guide, will be provided.

Refreshments are available each week.

While parents attend class, kids and teens aged 5 to 17 can enjoy playing soccer and learning soccer techniques with our partner, SportQuest, on the onsite soccer fields. These classes are entirely free but you must register!