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May 6 – May 10 | 9AM-1PM

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Are you feeling frustrated by the lack of interview calls despite sending out numerous job applications?

Are you unsure about how to ace that crucial job interview and make a lasting impression? Perhaps your work experience has you feeling anxious and uncertain about your chances. Looking for a job is not easy especially if you’re new to this country.

Worry no more! Welcome to our WorkFaith Workshop where you can master the skills for landing long-term employment. Our comprehensive resources and expert guidance will equip you with the tools and knowledge to confidently navigate the job market, stand out from the competition, and get hired fast. Your future success starts here.

With the objective of helping the Hispanic community to understand how to obtain legal employment in the United States, ConNEXT Steps has invited the organization WorkFaith to carry out its Express Course workshop to obtain employment. This workshop has been used with great success by hundreds of people who have already taken it before.

Debora Somuano Spears from WorkFaith will be teaching the workshop. She has extensive experience teaching it and helping the Hispanic community get the job of their dreams. Read about her below.

Debora Somuano Spears, M.C.C.

Debora Somuano Spears, M.C.C.

Bilingual Instructor and Translator

I am Mexican-American and I grew up in Mexico City. I have been a resident of Houston for 10 years and I really like it because it is a cosmopolitan city, with people from all over the world and with a very significant Hispanic density, in addition to enjoying diversity in art and gastronomy.

After serving as a translator and reporter at IMEVISION – Estación de TV de México (now TV Azteca) and CNN México, I have dedicated the last two decades to community service, collaborating with organizations such as the West Virginia Human Rights Commission, United Way, Forgotten Angels Foundation, Lone Star College, and today as an instructor and community development coordinator for WorkFaith Connection.

My desire is to help the Hispanic community find job and financial stability, to build strong homes and communities. Empower each individual to reach their personal and professional potential. Assist them with information on how to navigate the system in the United States and provide them with information on the various agencies that operate in our region and the type of resources they offer.