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Raising kids can be tough, even more so when you suddenly find yourselves in a new country with different systems and norms. ConNEXT Steps Next Generation Family programs for immigrants help you start and build momentum for your family’s future in America. From kids’ sports to financial planning and parenting for success, we’re here to support you with tools to help your family thrive.

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Parenting for Success

9-week “Raising Highly Capable Kids™” Class

ConNEXT Steps is proud to offer a nine-week parenting class based on the highly esteemed evidence-based parenting curriculum “Raising Highly Capable Kids”™.

Parents, this class will empower you to build stronger families by providing tools and skills essential to raising healthy, engaged, and responsible children. Gain confidence as you learn about the Developmental Assets® a framework designed by the Search Institute. These assets are building blocks every child needs and have been proven to increase academic success and resiliency.

This class is available in both English and Spanish.

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Personal Financial Planning

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Discover the power of personal financial planning in building generational wealth. Learn how strategic financial decisions today can pave the way for a prosperous future for you and your family.

ConNEXT Steps is currently testing a 6-hour personal financial planning program for adults in both English and Spanish. This program will provide valuable insight and tools for all adults, but those new to the U.S. as well as young adults just starting out will find it particularly helpful.

If interested in being part of this program, please let us know below.

Next Generation Family Programs: Kids Soccer

Soccer Skill Training and Free Play

ConNEXT Steps offers soccer skills training and free play courtesy of our Program Partner, Sports Quest. Soccer is offered at the same time as many of our adult classes for convenience, however, it is open to any kids 6-14. (The child may enroll regardless of whether their parent(s) attend a class.)  We encourage teens 15 and older to be trained as leaders and coaches for the younger children in the program. It’s a great way for older students to develop their leadership skills.

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