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We’re here to support your career journey! Get assistance with building your resume, improving interview skills, finding jobs, and networking. ConNEXT Steps helps you succeed in the American workplace.

Employment Workshops

5-day “WorkFaith Connection” Career Development Workshop

Each quarter ConNEXT Steps hosts a “WorkFaith Connection” Workshop led by our partners at WorkFaith. The 5-day workshop will help you transfer your skills and experience to the US job market and gain essential job search skills. Immigrant entrepreneurs will also find support in starting successful businesses in this country. Develop your career at the WorkFaith Connection Workshop.

career support workshops

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Small Business and Entrepreneur Seminars

FREE Networking and Skill-building Opportunities to Boost Your Career Journey

Introducing seminars designed exclusively for ambitious small business owners like you. These gatherings of Creekside-area small businesses include industry experts and successful entrepreneurs who will share their secrets and tips for small business success.

Connect with like-minded small business owners who can support and empower you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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