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Our Origin

About ConNEXT Steps: ConNEXT Steps, Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 2023 by community members who met through Covenant Methodist Church’s ESL program. With more than 250 immigrant neighbors who have become friends, we realized the opportunity to foster a stronger, diverse, and interconnected community. Our focus is on addressing shared concerns regarding families, children, jobs, careers, and the future. Regardless of ethnicity or religious preference, we believe in our common humanity and strive for a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

At ConNEXT Steps, we envision a thriving and inclusive community where new immigrant neighbors and existing neighbors come together through mutually beneficial relationships to build a brighter future for everyone. This community would embrace diversity, empower individuals, and foster mutual understanding regardless of background, language, religious preference, or culture.

Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to break down barriers, provide essential resources, and cultivate meaningful connections.

Together, we can create a community where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed, grow, and contribute.

Our Mission

Our mission is to “Connect, Engage, Transform!” ConNext Steps empowers immigrants to step towards a more abundant life by creating community and providing resources to overcome language and cultural barriers.

How we do it

ConNEXT Steps does this through mobilizing and uniting Creekside-area neighbors, fostering mutual support, and offering transformative opportunities in language learning, citizenship, developing the next generation, and career and small business growth.

Through our efforts, we assist immigrants in successfully navigating educational, work, governmental, and social systems.

We create a supportive community where immigrants can thrive by providing access to vital resources, fostering meaningful relationships, and equipping them with essential skills for navigating life in America.

Beyond the mission

Through mutually supportive relationships, we create a community where unity and love for our neighbors are deeply felt, strengthening and empowering all individuals.

Together we learn from one another and broaden our perspectives through exchanging traditions, skills, and experiences. By embracing the richness of diverse cultures, we cultivate belonging and harmony, ultimately transforming our community as we grow and flourish together.

Bob Baldwin

Bob Baldwin


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Jason Daerr


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Anna Vargas

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Dario Vargas

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